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2016 Total Calls

January 99
February 79
March 63
April 65
May 48
YTD Total 355


2015 Total Calls

January 71
February 56
March 60
April 58
May 83
June 81
July 82
August 84
September 57
October 89
November 55
December 56
YTD Total 832


Yearly Call Totals

2005 641
2006 627
2007 638
2008 612
2009 607
2010 668
2011 814
2012 629




2015 832

277 North Locust Point Road, New Kingstown, PA  17072
Phone 717.766.4033 Fax 717.796.1544

Thanks to Everyone that Supported the 2016 Super Raffle!!

Web Site Updated 5/25

Close Call in the Meadows

5/21-At 09:40 Engine, Tanker, and Chief 33 responded to the 100 blk of Fieldstone Dr in Middlesex Township for Smoke Coming from a House and Siding Melting. C33 arrived with residents evacuated and Police reporting smoke in the basement. The 360 revealed a smoldering fire in the tan bark on Side "A". Chief 7 (Beam) held the 1st alarm response to just Co. 33. The Engine crew stretched a line and overhauled the area removing several sections of siding and insulation to confirm no extension. Just a light odor of smoke was inside and no need to ventilate. Co. 33 was on scene 15 minutes.

Nice Addition to the Lounge

5/17-Following Training, Members installed our donated "Fire Hose" Flag. One of our talented members, Jeff Pottinger, made this on his own using fire hose no longer in service with our company. The pictures certainly do not do it justice as it is one of a kind. Thanks again to Jeff and to our members for properly securing it to the lounge wall.

Late Night Crash on the Pike

5/18-At 00:05, Squad and Mini Pumper 33 took in a crash assisting Company 31 in the 6600 blk of Carlisle Pike in Hogestown. Squad 33 (with 6) arrived and stabilized the vehicle for EMS. R31 provided additional lighting and manpower. Due to patient conditions, Life Lion Helicopter was requested to fly. MP33 established the landing zone at Company 31. Units cleared the scene at 00:45.

Tuesday Night Training

5/17-For Tuesday Night training, Squad and Engine performed a few "run in" drills focusing on the first 10 minutes of an incident. The rigs traveled to a cul-de-sac on Thorncroft Dr. During the first run, Engine 33 was the attack piece with its crew advancing three (3) lines at the same time where hose management was stressed. The Squad crew established water supply off a hydrant and to support the Engine. The goal was to establish water to the Engine before it ran out of tank water. Crews reloaded the hose then performed a 2nd "run in" reversing the Squad and Engine assignments this time. Crews did a great job! it was nice to get out into the neighborhoods again as several residents were out watching; many actually inquiring if there was an actual fire since we were flowing water. Thanks to those who came out for training!



2016 Super Raffle Winners List

5/8-Click Here to See the Winners List in PDF Format

One Extricated from Vehicle

4/30-At 17:14, Squad, Utility, and Chief 33 responded to 40 Dauphin Dr for an Accident with Entrapment. C33 arrived with a single vehicle buried to the "B" post under the front of a parked truck trailer. The driver appeared to be moving inside. Medic 88 was able to make access and begin patient care. Squad 33 (with 6) arrived positioning to use the front winch if needed to pull the vehicle from under the trailer for extrication. C133 approached the vehicle and quickly determined the winch operation would not be needed. The crew stabilized the vehicle then flapped the roof from the "C" posts forward. The driver's seat back was lowered and a long spine board was used to removed the driver out over the rear dash. Extrication was completed 6 minutes after arrival. R31 stood by in the event aero medical would be needed. The driver was transported by ground to a local hospital. Units cleared within 35 minutes. Nice work by the Squad crew! Thanks to FF Hostetler for capturing the pictures.

Working Car Fire on I81

4/30-At 15:14, Engine, Tanker, and Traffic 33 responded to I81 SB ITA of MM 50 for a Car Fire. Crews arrived to find fire in the Engine compartment. E33 crew pulled one line and was able to extinguish the fire quickly. Mutual aid units were placed available. Crews cleared at 15:45. While on this Incident, at 15:22 MP33 responded to another reported Car Fire on the Interstate ITA of MM54. Crews found and overheated vehicle with no fire department response needed. Thanks to Co. 39 for use of the picture.


March Report

4/2-For the Month of March, Company 33 responded to 63 Calls for Service. The breakdown of calls is as follows: Fire, 5 -Rescue Calls, 15 - Hazardous Condition, 4 - Service Calls, 6 - Good Intent Calls, 26 - False Alarms, 7. The company was in service 377.22 hours. The busiest day of the week was Thursdays with 13 Calls. The remainder of the report can be found on the stats page.

1st Due Working Car Fire

4/2-Just prior to 1600, Co. 33 and T31 were sent to 66 E. Main St for a Car Fire. C33 arrived on scene with a working fire. E33 and T33 arrived shortly after the Chief and placed a line into service. The vehicle owner advised he had a full tank of gas; while extinguishing the fire, the fuel tank ruptured making for a unique challenge to completely extinguish. Crews forced the hood and trunk with the spreaders to insure fire was out. Co. 33 remained on scene until the wrecker removed the vehicle and debris cleared.

Squad for RIT to Lemoyne

capitalcityfirephotos pic

Curt Werner Pic

3/9-At 11:37, Squad 33 transferred to Co. 13 while they operated on a 2nd alarm multiple house fire. Squad 33, with crew on station listening to radio traffic, was already enroute before dispatch and was in Lemoyne when the transfer was sent. Squad 33 was requested by Command right away for RIT. Squad 33 (with 5) provided the RIT group monitoring fireground operations for several hours. Crews worked closely with Harrisburg City Chief 2 (Souder) during fire control and overhaul. The only issue faced was several false emergency radio activations. Squad 33 returned at 15:06. Station 33 was staffed while the Squad was out and handled three additional calls.

Training at HACC

3/8-Members had the opportunity to use the smoke maze at HACC for the Tuesday night training seminar. Crews were able to refresh search and rescue skills in zero visibility while negotiating several obstacles.

Crash Involving Police Vehicle

3/8-At 08:31, Squad (with 6) and Traffic 33 assisted Company 31 with an accident involving a Police SUV with Confinement. Crews arrived with 3 vehicles involved, 2 of them having confinement. Crews extricated both patients and provided fluid control. Units cleared the scene at 11:21 after the investigation.

2016 Awards Banquet

3/1-Saturday, February 27th, Members and Guests of the New Kingstown Fire Company celebrated another year. The banquet was held at the Carlisle Country Club. The following awards were handed out:

President's Award - Award Given to Penny Brammer. Penny has been an active support member of the fire company for many years, helping behind the scene in many capacities including at the pavilion during the annual festival. Penny has been known to "crack the whip" a time or two when needed to get the boys in line and keep them focused.

Most Improved Firefighter - Award Given to Dave Berkheimer. Dave joined the fire company as a junior member. After graduation and marriage, Dave chose to no longer be active however he maintained his membership and remained in touch with several members. Dave came back to active status, completed his first full year back with us in 2015. Dave also influenced his Wife, Son, and Daughter to join and become active.

Junior Firefighter of the Year - Award Given to Terrin Brammer. Terrin has been an asset to the fire company over the past year and active in training. For a junior firefighter, Terrin received training through and including Mod "C". He is knowledgeable as an exterior firefighter and can be counted on with equipment locations.

Firefighter of the Year - Award Given to Josh Sprague. Josh has been a member since a Junior, During 2015, Josh completed training to the level of Interior Firefighter. Josh is an active "from home" responder normally staffing the 2nd or 3rd out rig. He is a 2nd generation member following his father, Darryl.

The following members were recognized as top responders:

Top Fire Police - Lee Buzilow

Top Junior - Bailey Horning

Top Ten Firefighters

(Left to Right)
#1 - James Hall
#2 - Keegan Toot
#3 - Alexander Hall
#4 - Jacob Hutcheson
#5 - Michael Gutshall 
#6 - Greg Brammer
#7 - Dave Berkheimer
#8 - Dillon Blais
#9 - Matt Hinken
#10 - Christian Betz

The top responders received a small token of appreciation from the fire company, along with an embroidered blanket, and care package (care packages donated by the Strasbaugh family).

President James Hall recognized Brian Brenneman for his years of work as Engineer for the Fire Company. Brian performed the job for the last several years and was instrumental in saving the fire company thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

President Hall also recognized the continued support of the Silver Spring Township Supervisors and Staff, presenting a plaque to Chairperson Nancy Konhaus-Griffie.

After Dinner and Awards, Members enjoyed a video presentation covering the past year in pictures. The evening was then turned over to the DJ to finish out the night.

Thanks once again to our members, regardless of whether you respond to calls, work fundraisers, or support the fire company in some fashion. Thanks for a great 2015 as we embark into 2016 and what is beginning to be another busy year for the fire company!

Meat Raffle Friday Night

2/26-The monthly Meat Raffle will be held Friday, February 26th with doors opening at 5PM. Raffle begins at 7PM. The meal will be BBQ Sandwich and French Fries. Beverages will be available for purchase. There will be a total of 24 regular rounds at $1.00 per ticket. Special round sold for 1/2 hog. Small games of chance will be available throughout the evening. Thanks in advance for your support.

Harrisburg Pike Accident

2/23-At 12:41, Companies 33, 39, and R45 were sent to the 1800 blk of Harrisburg Pk for a vehicle accident with entrapment. Medic 88 (Hesse) arrived and reported no entrapment. Crews arrived and performed standard accident procedures. Squad 33 cleared in 30 minutes.

RIT to York County

2/23-Company 33 was sent for RIT to the 300 blk of Mumper Ln in Carroll Township, York County at 07:01 for the Attic Fire. Squad 33 (with 4) made the response. The established the RIT group on Side "A". Crews on scene had a bathroom fan fire which extended into the attic area. Squad 33 cleared in just over an hour. At 13:57, RIT was sent to the same location after the fire rekindled in blown-in insulation in the attic area. The Squad crew once again established RIT. The crew remained on scene for nearly two hours this time as crews worked to insure the fire was out, removing several trash cans of debris.

Working House Fire

2/12-Just after 1600, the 1st alarm was sent for a House Fire on Cromwell Ct in Silver Spring Township. Engine, Squad, Tanker, Utility, and Traffic 33 responded. Upon arrival, crews were put to work on various tasks on the fire ground. Co.31's standby Companies (Hampden and Shermans Dale) took in first due assignments. Crews encountered a furnace fire with extension. Quick work prevented extensive damage, however significant overhaul was needed to insure the fire was out, mainly due to use of "blown in" insulation. Company 33 cleared just before 1800.

Crash Involving a Pole

2/12-Squad, Mini Pumper, and Traffic 33 took in this accident on Bernheisel Bridge Rd near Stoney Ridge Park at 07:29. Squad 33 arrived with a single vehicle which struck a pole. The operator was out of the vehicle. MP33 was placed available and Traffic 33 shut off traffic at Country Club Rd. The Squad cleared within 15 minutes.

RIT To Upper Allen

2/7-At 06:37, Co. 33 was alerted for RIT on the Mobile Home Fire. Squad 33 (with 4) made the response. Co. 23 arrived with a well involved mobile home. Co. 33 set up RIT and monitored operations. Co. 33 remained on scene for nearly an hour before returning.

January Report

2/3-For the month of January, Company 33 handled 99 calls for service. The breakdown is as follows: Fire Incidents - 26, Rescue Calls - 20, Hazardous Condition - 12, Service Calls - 12, Good Intent Calls - 21, False Alarms - 8. A total of 1628 personnel responded with averaged 17 per call. The busiest day of the week was Saturday with 35 calls. The remainder of the report can be found on the Stats Page.

Upper Allen House Fire

1/27-RIT33 was sent on the House Fire on Hemlock Dr at 16:13. MP33 responded with 4 and arrived just behind 1st due units. Due to initial on scene staffing, RIT was placed into service with fire attack. 2nd alarm was sounded quickly bringing RIT69. Co. 33 performed numerous tasks at the scene. Once the box was reduced, Co. 33 returned to the RIT function until placed available at 17:45.

Jonas Report

1/27-Winter Storm Jonas is now in the books and reports have been caught up. Company 33 responded to 47 calls for service from 1/22 to 1/24. The breakdown is as follows: Fire Incidents - 20, Rescue Calls - 9, Hazardous Condition - 4, Good Intent Calls - 6, False Alarms, 1. The major calls from service was furnace related incidents where snow blocked roof vents or gas leaks due to furnace malfunction. Total Manpower responding was 1072 which averaged 23 members per call. 29 different members handled calls while several additional provided support at the station which included meals all weekend. The busiest day for calls was Saturday with 32, 13 calls were handled Sunday, and just 2 on Friday. A total of 474.47 manpower hours were racked up for incidents while the total hours of station staffing was over 700 hours. Apparatus Response was: E33 - 14, MP33 - 24, Tanker - 3, Utility - 9. Once again the members of the fire company provided coverage to the residents and businesses of our community; the tasks were completed even with 30" of snow. Thanks again!

Winter Storm Jonas

1/23-As Company 33 prepared for Winter Storm Jonas a few days ahead of the storm, crews made sure the rigs were filled with fuel, extra shovels in place, and the soda machine stocked. Members staffed the Station from Friday through Monday during the storm. Numerous calls for service were handled as the snow continued to pile up. Communications with the Highway Crews were the key to effective response during high snow. No major incidents were handled during the course of the storm. Thanks to all those who helped with call response, staffing, making meals, clearing sidewalks, and clearing the parking lot.

Meat Raffle Canceled

1/22-The Meat Raffle for January 22nd has been canceled. In the interest of public safety and to concentrate on potential responses, we felt it to be in our best interest to cancel. The event will not be rescheduled. Stay Safe this weekend! See you in February.

New Addition to Public Education Program

1/11-Thanks to Member Tom Freer for building a "house fire" for the company to use during public education programs. The house is complete with "fire" on hinges which will allow for kids to spray water and simulated extinguishing the fire. Talented Members have always been a crucial part of the fire company. We Thank Tom for his hard work on this project.

2016 Fund Raisers

1/8-The schedule for 2016 has been posted HERE. As you review the page, you will notice a difference from past years. As one of our members said "the events schedule has been strategically modified with the intent to maximize our fund raising. We want to focus our efforts on emergency responses, continued training, and service to our communities". Our commitment has always been to the community, by reducing the amount of time spent raising funds, it now enables us more time for training of our members as well as to effectively handle the increased call volume. We would like to thank our many supporters over the years with our events and look forward to the support again in 2016!

2015 Report

1/8-As 2015 ended, the NKFC responded to the most calls over the past ten year period ending with 832 incidents. The breakdown of incidents is as follows: Fire - 94, Rescue Calls - 269, Hazardous Condition Calls - 65, Service Calls - 80,
Good Intent Calls -242, False Alarms - 81, Severe Weather Related - 1. The company responded to 24 different municipalities in Cumberland, Perry, and York Counties. The busiest day of the week came up as a tie between Monday and Wednesday with 129 calls each. There was a total manpower of 9,106 that responded which averaged 11 personnel per call. Calls were answered by 65 different members. The company was in service a total of 6,063.16 hours with an average time per call of 35:05 minutes. Apparatus (minus the 2 Chief Officer Vehicles) ran over 16,800 miles during the year time period. Thanks to all of our dedicated members, who are volunteer, that made 2015 possible. Additional statistics will be posted once completed.

December Report

1/8-For the month of December, the Volunteers at NKFC answered 56 call for service. Of those, 3 were Fire Incidents, 16 Rescue Calls, 2 Hazardous Condition Calls, 3 Service Calls, 23 Good Intent Calls, and 9 False Alarms. The busiest day of the week was Thursday with 11 calls. There was a total manpower of 631 which averaged 12 per call. Co. 33 responded to 7 different municipalities during the month. The remainder of the report can be found on the stats page.

Fully Involved Truck Tractor

11/24-The township companies were on the street at 22:22 responding to the CV High School driveway for a tractor trailer fire. Chief 133 (Horning) arrived with a working fire in the cab. E33/T33/T31 arrived together with crews pulling two (2) lines. The fire was under control quickly and crews confirmed no extension into the trailer. A diesel fuel leak had to be contained as well. Crews were out just over an hour. H & J Towing and School Officials handled cleanup. The truck was making a turn around after missing his destination while already suffering a mechanical issue which may have lead to the fire.

Mid Day Accident on the Pike

11/24-At 12:25, Crews from Co.'s 33, 39, and R45 were sent to the 1200 blk of Harrisburg Pike for an accident involving a not alert patient. R45 arrived first and stabilized the vehicle. Squad 33 and E239 arrived and provided manpower to assist EMS. MP33 arrived and its crew assisted with debris removal and securing batteries. Crews were out just over an hour.

Accident with Confinement

11/24-At 14:17, Co.'s 33 and 39 were sent to the Harrisburg Pk @ I81 for an Accident. Chief 7 (Beam) was advised of a tractor trailer involved and the Traffic Signal support post on the ground, Chief 7 found a heavily damaged truck cab. As Squad 33 arrived, Chief 7 found the pickup truck approximately 400' north of the accident under the I81 overpass against the barrier wall. Due to significant traffic backlog, this vehicle went unnoticed. Chief 7 reported heavy entrapment and requested Rescue 45. Squad 33 repositioned for extrication. Several vehicles in the backlog had to be moved in order for the Squad to get a good spot. Crews stabilized the pickup and developed an extrication plan. All four (4) rescue tools were pulled from the Squad with members going to work on both sides of the pickup simultaneously to gain access to the driver. The driver's door, passenger front door, passenger rear door, and passenger "B" post were all removed. Medic 88 was inside the cab with the driver during the entire operation. Life Lion Helicopter was requested to the scene. The driver was properly packaged to be removed from the driver's side. Extrication was completed 23 minutes after arrival. This is the 2nd accident in 2 days where crews worked both sides of the vehicle in order to remove the patient, something not uncommon-crews making a primary and secondary opening. Excellent work by all crews on this incident. E239 was directed to the tractor trailer for fluid control and debris removal, their crew also assisted with patient removal and loading into Life Lion. Fire Police from Co. 33, 39, 3, and 31 assisted at the scene. Well over 200 cones were used to provide a single lane of traffic both north and southbound past the incident scene. Due to extensive damage to the traffic lights and hurricane pole, this needed to be removed and new pole and lights set in place. Fire Police remained until after 1900 assisting at the scene.

Rollover with Confinement

11/21-At 15:19, Companies 31, 33, and 30 were sent to the area of I81 SB just north of Exit 57 for an accident. Chief 231 (McDonald) was advised of  a single vehicle rollover with the patient confined. R31, Sq33, and R30 arrived with crews stabilizing the vehicle, then working simultaneously on both sides of the car to extricate the driver. The passenger side doors were removed and the patient was removed through this location. Crews were also working on the driver's side to gain access for EMS. Extrication was completed in 9 minutes. Crews cleared the scene just after 16:00. 

Thank You!

11/15-Thank you to all that attended the Turkey Supper Saturday Evening. Our sincere apologizes to those of you that were turned away after we ran out of Turkey. Public dinners are very hard to plan for and this time we simply did not have enough. Just over 800 people were either served or received take out meals in less than 3 hours. The overwhelming support was tremendous once again and for this were are grateful. Thanks once again!

Plan Now to Attend Turkey Supper

10/27-Our Family Style Turkey Supper is fast approaching. This year it will be held Saturday, November 14th with serving beginning at 3PM. Take outs are available through a separate line in the apparatus bay. The meal will consist of: Real Roast Turkey, Homemade Filling, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Roll and Butter, Dessert, Beverage. Cost is $12.00 for Adults, $5.00 for Children 6-12, and youngsters 5 and under are free. More information will be posted later and on our facebook page!. Get your family and friends together! This meal is the next best thing to grandma's cooking!! You won't be disappointed!!

October Report

11/5-Our busiest month came to an end with the close of October with 89 calls for service. The breakdown of calls were: Fire - 6, Rescue - 28, Hazardous Condition - 9, Service Calls - 7, Good Intent Calls - 30, False Alarms - 9. A total of 763 members responded which averaged 9 per call. The remainder of the report can be found on the Stats Page.

Santa Update!

11/5-We've received word from the North Pole that our annual Santa Run Date will be Saturday, December 12th. Please check our Santa page for locations and start times! We hope you plan your day around us!

Chicken BBQ at SS Fall Festival

10/23-The NKFC will be having a Chicken BBQ in conjunction with the Silver Spring Township Fall Festival on Saturday, October 24th at Stony Ridge Park, 50 Bernheisel Bridge Rd. Serving begins at 11:30. All meals will be "take out" style. Meal consists of 1/2 BBQ chicken, baked potato, applesauce, roll and butter, and bottled water. Meals will be $9.00; half chicken only will be $4.00. Apparatus will also be on display!

First Meat Raffle of the Fall

10/23-The first Meat Raffle of the Fall will be held Friday, October 23rd at the Fire Station. Doors Open at 5:00PM and the Raffle begins at 7:00PM. The meal will be Chicken Corn Soup and Hot Dogs. A total of 24 rounds will be played for $1 each. Players will be able to purchase tickets for 1/2 hog as well as small games of chance. Come out and enjoy the evening and bring a friend or two. Hope to See you!

Working House Fire

10/12-At 01:27, 1st Alarm was sent for a House Fire in the area of Bethpage Dr in the 31-01 Box of Silver Spring Township. Chief 231 was advised of multiple calls for a house under construction. E31 arrived and layed out to the scene with E33 picking up their line and supplying them. Crews made a defensive attack then went heavy duty once Truck 28 was in service. Crews operated for several hours with overhaul to insure the fire was out. Chief 31 requested the fire marshal to investigate. Co. 33 cleared at 04:10.

Car into the Woods

10/7-MP33 assisted Co. 31 with tree removal from a non injury accident near the Gulf Station in Hogestown. The vehicle was found unoccupied from an overnight accident. Trees were removed in order for Miller and Sam's to remove the vehicle. This incident occurred while fire prevention was getting started at Silver Spring Elementary.

Vehicle into the House

10/6-At 23:49, Units were sent to the 500 blk of Hogestown Rd for an accident involving a vehicle into a house. E33 (returning from the previous incident) was responding at dispatch. E33 arrived behind R31 and was assigned to check the interior of the home and to pull and charge a handline. C33 took interior operations finding the nose of the vehicle into the basement of the residence. Squad, Tanker, and Traffic 33 responded from the station. Crews had the driver of the vehicle to extricate once stabilized. After that, the task was to insure that the home was stable in order to remove the vehicle. Chief 27 and Chief 233 made their assessment. Several areas were opened up inside to insure the foundation wall was intact as well as wood framing. As the vehicle was being removed, the winch cable on the rollback severed and the removal had to be finished with the winch off Rescue 27. After careful work, the vehicle was removed without further damage. Crews then removed bricks, block, and other debris from the home before sealing the opening with a tarp. Units cleared this incident at 01:46. Great work by all companies involved.

Engine and Squad Due to Hampden

10/6-While working on a few tasks at the station, the 1st alarm was sent for a dryer fire on Crofton Ct in Hampden Township. Engine 33 and RIT33 (Squad) were due on the assignment. Both units responded together. The crew from E33 assisted where needed including air monitoring inside the residence. Squad 33 was not needed and was placed available before setting up for RIT. The exterior crew from the Engine assisted with rolling hose. E33 cleared around 22:30.

No Major Injuries on I81

10/5-Squad 33 assisted R31 wth debris removal following an accident on I81 NB Exit 57. Chief 131 arrived with extensive damage to the van pulling a cargo trailer. The driver self extricated and luckily there was not a passenger. After clearing the road surface, crews checked out the van and used the time to discuss extrication tactics if there had been someone pinned. Crews cleared within 45 minutes.


September Report

10/4-For the month of September, NKFC Volunteers responded to 57 calls for service. The breakdown is as follows: Fire Incident - 7, Rescue Calls - 19, Hazardous Condition - 3, Service Calls - 9, Good Intent Calls - 13, False Alarms - 6. The busiest days of the week was a three way tie - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday all with 9 calls. Average Personnel responding was 10 per call. 45 different members turned out in September, which included 15 different apparatus drivers. Additional information can be found on the statistics page.

Lawn Tractor Fire

9/14-Co. 33 and T31 were sent to the 300 blk of N Locust Point Rd for a Lawn Mower on Fire at 14:56. C33 and MP33 (with 4) responded. C33 arrived with a working fire and held the response to MP33. The crew made quick work of the fire however the John Deere was totaled. Crews were available within 20 minutes. Co. 33 had three (3) other calls during the day.

Never Forget!

9/11-Today we remember the tragedy that occurred 14 years ago in New York City, The Pentagon, and Shanksville. We remember the lives lost that day and those who have passed on as a result of 9/11; countless members of the FDNY and other agencies, as well as the community that have suffered medical issues and complications. Everyone can remember what we were doing when the news came on; we remember like it was yesterday. We also remember many in our community that showed a renewed sense of pride for those in the emergency services field (Police, Fire, and EMS workers). As we reflect on 9/11/01, don't forget the first responders in our own community, they are the ones that face everyday problems and provide quality services day in and day out. Take time to say Thank You!

Working Mobile Home Fire

9/4-At 14:11, the 1st alarm was sent to 82 Linda Dr in Silver Spring Township for a Mobile Home Fire. E33 (with 4), Tanker, Mini Pumper, and Traffic 33 made the response. E33 arrived sending its crew to assist E31 with fire attack. T33 was used to supply E31 along with T34 (Shermans Dale). MP33 sent its crew to assist. E31 found the majority of the home involved. Crews were able to knock down visible fire quickly however the home will be a total loss. Thanks to E313 and T250 for transferring to Station 33 while we were committed. The fire is under investigation by the PSP Fire Marshall. Co. 33 had a total of 16 members for this daylight response.

Training with Company 31

9/4-Co. 33 was invited to attend training with Company 31 to work on hose relay operations. Both companies met at the Delta Point development off Rt114. A total of 2600' of 5" hose was layed out which basically stretched the entire length of the development. Using E31 as the pumper and E33 as the engine, a flow of at least 1750 gpm was obtained. Tanker 31 was then placed midpoint to boost the pressure and increase flow. The night was logged as a success. This type of operation would be needed with any large type commercial building or warehouse in our first due area. Thanks to Company 31 for the invite!

August Report

9/2-The NKFC continued busy with the 4 straight month in a row running over 80 calls. During August, members responded to 84 total calls. A total of 12 calls were Fire Incidents (4 of those working fires), 26 Rescue Calls, 11 Hazardous Conditions Calls, 9 Service Calls, 23 Good Intent Calls, and 3 False Alarms. The busiest day of the week was Thursday with 16 calls. There were only 2 days during the month where no calls were received. A total of 49 different members responded to calls during August. The average manpower per call was 12 personnel. Thanks to all members who turned out in August and get the rigs on the street.

Gas Leak in Walden

8/27-Engine 33 was requested at 09:32 to assist E31 with a gas leak outside. E31 found a 2" gas line that had been struck by a back hoe. E33 (with 3) arrived and its crew assisted with evacuating several homes in the immediate area. E33 also established a water supply if needed. Squad 33 responded as well and metered the inside of the daycare which was also evacuated. Once UGI had the leak secured, crews checked the area then allowed residents access to their homes and students and staff back into the daycare. As units were returning, the same units were sent for a fire alarm at 6555 Carlisle Pike. Units investigated a false alarm. Later in the afternoon, the township companies responded to a grass fire in the 7000 blk of Wertzville Rd. Chief 131 (Morton) held MP31 only upon arrival.

Fuel Spill at Love's

8/20-Mini Pumper and Utility 33 with the Spill Trailer responded to 1165 Harrisburg Pike for a reported fuel spill at 16:20. Chief 7 arrived with a non injury accident involving radiator fluid, not fuel. The crew from Co. 33 used 3 bags of absorbent to control and cleanup fluids before going available. Co. 33 handled two other storm related wires calls later in the evening.

Tanker Transfer to Shippensburg

8/16-At 11:25, Tanker 33 was requested to transfer to Co. 52 (Vigilant) while they operated on a Barn Fire in Franklin County. No calls were handled during the transfer. T33 cleared at 18:31.

Evening Car Fire

8/11-At 19:00, E33 (responding from training) and T33 (from the Station) assisted Co. 31 with a well involved vehicle fire in the 100 blk of Texaco Rd. E33 arrived pulling a handline placing a quick knock on the fire. The combo tool was used to force several of the car doors for overhaul. Units cleared the scene at 19:51.

Photo at time of dispatch from Jon Kibe

8/8-At 18:58, the 1st alarm was sent to the 200 blk of Ridge Hill Rd for a Silo Fire. E33 arrived to find a dismantled barn and debris on fire but no silo involved. 1st alarm units staged while the scene was investigated. E25 and T31 was held to assist with extinguishing. Crews were out 30 minutes.

Working Fire in Mech and an Accident

8/5-Engine 33 was alerted to transfer to Co. 27 while they worked a 2nd alarm fire on W Loucst St. As E33 completed the transfer, the were added to the incident for manpower. Shortly thereafter, MP33 also responded to assist. Co. 33 had 10 personnel on scene. Thanks to E152 (Vigilant-Shippensburg) for transferring to the Station 33. Co. 33 cleared at 17:27. At 17:44, MP33 and E33 responded to Trindle Rd and Sinclair Rd for an accident. E10 (New Cumberland-responding from Co. 27) and E25 assisted. Portable 33 arrived with E10 and requested to hold MP33, E10, and EMS. MP33 cleared at 18:26.

Working Shed Fire with Impigement

Remains of the 20x20 brick shed

Siding melted off the gable end of the House

Siding melted off the enclosed porch

8/4-At 10:42, the 1st alarm was sent for the House Fire in the 1st block of N Locust Point Rd. C33 had a good column while responded. C33 arrived with a working fire and the House as an immediate exposure. E33 arrived and laid in the driveway pulling two lines for fire attack and exposure control. T33 pulled in the driveway and supplied the Engine. Due to no hydrants in the area, E25 laid in from Trindle Rd to pick up the split lay. E127 set up for rural water supply. Crews checked for extension into the house finding no smoke or fire inside. Additional manpower assisted with overhaul. The PSP Fire Marshall was requested to the scene. Thanks to the assist companies (Silver Spring, Citizens, Monroe, Upper Allen, Union, Washington, Hampden, and Silver Spring EMS). Thanks to E313 and T250 for covering Station 33.



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