Flashback Friday
By Chief Curtis Hall
September 16, 2022

Our Flashback Friday takes back into the late 1960’s with the arrival of the "new" used 1962 International Tanker. The vehicle was a former fuel delivery truck from Port Royal, Juniata County and was converted into use as a second Tanker in 1964. The unit was repainted by Snyder's Auto Body on W Trindle Rd in Mechanicsburg. A gas portable pump was mounted in the officer's side compartment and plumbed to the tank. The pump had to be started by hand with a rope that you attached each time to the flywheel then pulled as hard as you could to fire off the pump; if it didn't start, you attached the rope again and tried your luck. This Tanker served until it was replaced by the 1971 Chevrolet former milk truck was purchased. Pictures from the James Hall archives.