2022 Officers Announced
By Chief Curtis Hall
January 5, 2022

As the New Kingstown Fire Company enters its 110th year of service to the community, the following officers will serve for 2022:

President - Keegan Toot
Vice President - James Hall
Secretary - Joyce Eberly
Membership Secretary - Curt Heckler
Treasurer - Wendy Armstrong
Director - Glen Hostetler
Director - Greg Brammer
Director - Gretchen Horning
Director - Tom Freer
Director - Frank Egresitz

Fire Chief - Curtis Hall
Deputy Chief - Robert Horning, Jr
Assistant Chief - Brian Brenneman
Captain - Keegan Toot
Lieutenant - Bailey Horning
Lieutenant - Alex Hall
Lieutenant - Terrin Brammer
Safety Officer - Glen Hostetler

Fire Police Captain - Jim Gutshall
Fire Police Lieutenant - Mike Whitman

Ladies Auxiliary President - Robin Toot
Ladies Auxiliary Vice President - Heather Robbins
Ladies Auxiliary Treasurer - Chrissy Gutshall
Ladies Auxiliary Secretary - Tina Traver
Ladies Auxiliary Membership Secretary - Laura Gutshall

We are excited moving forward into 2022 with many projects and upgrades planned; with this slate of officers serving the company we expect them to carry on the legacy established years ago keeping with our motto “We Strive to Save in Time of Need”