Trading Cards Now Available!
By New Kingstown Fire Co.
February 7, 2024

After some secretive planning, Membership Secretary Curt Heckler called Shelby, Katelyn, and Kaylee to the floor and announced the “Fight Fire Like a Girl” trading cards and gave each of them their own pack to carry with them. As part of a continuing project to attract and recruit new members to the fire company, these cards will be available at all outreach programs and not only contain vital information about the fire company but also displays a QR code which will take anyone interested directly to our “join us” page. The girls were very surprised and excited at the same time. Rumor has it they are already signing their autographs!! Thanks to Greg Starner Photography and Choice Custom Cards for your assistance. Special thanks goes out to Curt Heckler for another great idea and project carried out!