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2017 Operation Santa
Saturday, December 16th

Runs Begin at 08:30--Rain, Snow, or Shine

Engine 33 Run #1-Begin on Bella Vista Dr off Rich Valley Rd, proceed to Cumberland Dr, Gable Park, then Hillside Farms, finish Hillside Farms, then Ridge Hill Rd from I81, next is Cumberland Estates, Pamela Dr, Pamela Pl, finish Ridge Hill Rd to RT11, proceed to Southfield Crossing, then Village of New Kingstown, (Lunch Break around 12:30) follow Locust Point Rd to Konhaus Rd, do Konhaus Rd, Osborne Ct, then Konhaus to Trindle Rd, finish Locust Point Rd from Trindle, use Kost Rd to access Old Stonehouse Rd, do Old Stonehouse Rd to Trindle Rd, proceed to Eastwood Dr then to Hickory Rd, Cedar Rd, and Oak Ridge Rd. Proceed on Ridge Dr to Hickorytown Rd, Redwood Hills, and Chestnut Dr Area. Finish Ridge Dr to S Middlesex Rd. END

Squad 33 Run #2-Begin Leiby's Parkway then Regency Woods South, proceed to Country Club Rd, Circle Dr, and Evergreen Area, then travel to Country Manor West, (Lunch Break around 12:30) then the Meadows and The Ridings, proceed out Sherwood Dr to Hollowbrook Dr, then N. Middlesex Rd from Township Building to RT11. Follow S. Middlesex Rd to Tiffany Dr and Hoover Rd. END


This is a time honored tradition for the fire company and its members. The past several years we received many calls trying to determine what time we would be at the various locations throughout the runs. We finished the day in years past around 4:30PM. It is very hard to provide an exact time of where we will be. We make every attempt to keep moving and still provide adequate time for your children and family to see Santa. We can only provide an estimate, if needed, to parents during the day of the run. A lot of our residents have actually planned family Holiday Parties on our "run day" and had to whole family out to visit. We encourage everyone to be out and great us, that will keep us moving and be able to reach as many folks as we can. Our volunteers will greatly accept donations of cookies and treats or cash while we are on the runs, but please do not feel that you have to give us anything. We all appreciate being able to give back to the community that supports us throughout the year. This is just one way that we can say "Thank You" to the community. The fire company has been teaming up with Santa every year since 1988. Residents with questions regarding the Schedule should contact Chief Curtis Hall at 717-648-5871. This number will also be the primary contact during the run day as well.











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